Nick Diaz has Been Banned for Five Years by the NSAC

After 48 hours, is something old news?

Regardless, a couple of days ago Nick Diaz, one of the most decorated mixed martial artists out there, was banned from fighting for five years by the NSAC (Nevada State Athletic Commission).

For anabolic steroid use? No.

For using ‘illegal’ methods to win fights? No.

What is it, then?! Did he murder somebody?!

He smoked marijuana and had trace elements of the ol’ reefer in his system. This was his third offense, and it netted him a 5-year ban.

“Now, wait here a minute! This was his third offense, and he should have known better! He deserves it!” I hear plenty of critics spewing that line.

I have a big problem with all of this. First and foremost, third offense or not, Nick Diaz did not use a performance enhancing drug. A banned substance (imposed by the NSAC)? Absolutely. Five years, though? Read that a few more times: five years?! Diaz is only 32-years-old, but he’s been fighting professionally since 2003.

Jon Jones tested positive for cocaine metabolites back in January, and he never faced punishment for it. (Apparently cocaine is not termed a banned substance by the NSAC). Jones, then, back in March, was directly involved in a hit and run with a pregnant lady, and he even fled the scene. Yeah, he was stripped of his light heavyweight title, but the UFC nor the NSAC truly reprimanded him. (But he was stripped of the title, you might say. Well, yeah, but that’s that. That was more of a publicity stunt to say, “See! We aren’t padding our pockets by protecting Jones!”

Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz fought back on January 31st. Post-fight drug results revealed the failed test for Diaz. Well, Silva was tested, too, and he popped for three different anabolic steroids. Hmm… he was only suspended a year that was retroactively made effective in January, which means he’ll be eligible to fight again come January 31, 2016. “But it was his first offense, Troy!” Three different roids? And, y’know, Silva lied about using them, before blaming the use on “sexual reasons”. Heh. Sure.

The NSAC has effectively retired Nick Diaz, and that sucks.

I won’t claim to be a big time Diaz fan. I’m not. However, he was involved in one of my all-time favorite fights with the Fireball Kid, Takaonori Gomi, from Pride 33 in February 2007. The upcoming 12 minutes and 25 seconds are absolutely worth your time:

Diaz didn’t just win vs. Gomi. No. Diaz starched the spirit out of him. The Fireball Kid was known for his outstanding powerful striking and do y’know what Diaz did? He outboxed Gomi with volume, a relentless barrage of precise punches, and Diaz left him stumbling and sucking air at the end of the first round.

In the second round, Diaz added insult to injury by luring Gomi into a submission that practically nobody ever uses in MMA: the gogoplata. It’s a choke that involves the shin bone and is considered, by most, to be pretty impractical compared to more run of the mill submissions like the arm bar, triangle choke, or the rear-naked choke. Diaz pulled it off, and he made it look easy.

I really hope this isn’t the end of Nick Diaz’s career. He’s been a major asset to the MMA world.

The Rams. (2015)

Nick Foles has moxy.

He took off running a couple of times in today’s win vs. the Seattle Seahawks. Both times, I said aloud, “Don’t get hurt… don’t get hurt” because that’s the narrative the last few years with a certain former Rams quarterback. He stepped into the endzone once and tossed a touchdown pass late in regulation. Tavon Austin scored a pair of touchdowns — one rushing and another on an impressive punt return that saw him avoid running out of bounds. Props to running back Benny Cunningham for playing his heart out.

Two fun facts: before today, Russell Wilson’s teams had never lost in overtime before. Speakin’ of Russ Willy, he’s faced the Rams seven times, and in those seven games he’s been sacked 31 times. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to write #Merica or #Rams here.

I was still pissed off, though. The Rams couldn’t tackle worth a damn at times. They were up 24-13 in the fourth quarter before allowing Seattle to score 18 unanswered points. The Rams also turned the ball over three times (fumbles) in the second half alone.

As a fan, I can’t complain, especially compared to the product I’ve been viewing since 2005.

Hokie Heartbreak

I’d like to preface this by saying that I didn’t watch the entire football game between Virginia Tech and Ohio State last night. Unfortunately, I was busy tending to more important things in connection to today, so I missed out.

I’m used to the Hokies letting fans down. The apex of Hokie Heartbreak happened in 2007, when they led Boston College 10-0 at Lane Stadium and Matt f’n Ryan led Boston College back in the 4th quarter with four minutes remaining en route to a 14-10 victory.

2007 marked an insane college football year. All the top teams were dropping games, at the time. At the time, Virginia Tech was ranked as the #8 team in America while Boston College was #2. Had they finished off BC, according to 20-20 hindsight, the Hokies would’ve been in the national title game that year. Instead, the Hokies lost, won out the rest of their games of the regular season, exacted revenge on Boston College by smoking them in the ACC title game, and then they shit the bed against Kansas in a bowl game. It’s hard to believe all of that was eight years ago.

In 2010, the other pinnacle of Hokie Heartbreak, the Hokies opened up the season by playing Boise State, and well, I don’t want to talk about it. The Hokies lost 33-30.

Last year, the Hokies beat Ohio State 35-21. I was ecstatic. The Hokies had started off the season 2-0! They were going to light the world on fire and contend in the ACC! … Yeah, that was until the following week, when VT lost to East Carolina, and a week after that they lost to Georgia Tech. They finished the season at a disappointing 6-6 record.

Last night, they rematched the Ohio State Buckeyes. Now, I figured the Hokies would lose, but they looked pretty decent at halftime. It was 17-14 Va Tech after Ohio State was leading 14-0! Well, the Buckeyes scored quickly in the second half, and when the Hokies were setting up a potential scoring drive, quarterback Michael Brewer broke his collarbone and the rest was history. The Hokies lost all their momentum and the defense, to use a term I mentioned earlier, shit the bed.

Ohio State’s offense, when it eventually gets going and is fine tuned, is going to be amazing, barring injuries. They routed the Hokies in the second half, ensuing in a 42-24 victory.

Hokie Heartbreak Part Trois.

Buzzwords Be Damned: DTFW

I tire of hearing the words motivationdisciplinecommitment and persistence. They are all buzzwords now. Motivation doesn’t last; discipline is only developed via habit; commitment is one facet of what you are going after; persistence is just another word for having a constant drive.

A few months ago, I’d never heard of Andy Frisella. He’s an entrepreneur, the owner of 1st Phorm International, a supplement company. 16 years ago, he and his business partner started up a supplement shop. For years, they struggled, but they pushed on, and today the two of them are raking in millions. They aren’t being funded by outside groups and all that jazz, they did it all through busting ass, being nice to people and being honest with people (“people” meaning consumers).

Andy believes he, and successful people around the globe, are obligated to share their stories and divulge their work ethics to people. “Making money and growing a company and all that shit is great, but the reality is, if you keep that to yourself and don’t figure out how others can benefit from your success, you’re missing the point and that missed point will ultimately lead to failure in business and life.” He has a podcast and a project called MFCEO Project. What’s the project about?

Helping you be truly successful. Helping you dominate personally and professionally. From podcasts and mp3 downloads to books and videos, the resources you’ll find here are practical and actionable advice on business and life, delivered in my raw, honest, straight up/no bullshit style. (This is a rainbow, unicorn and well…pussy…free zone.)

Bottom line: Glad you’re here. Let’s get shit done together.



A lot of people are put off by the expletives he uses, but as somebody with the habit, I don’t care.

Which leads me to the acronym DTFW: do the fucking work.

Don’t procrastinate. I used to be awful about putting things off, no matter the workload, because I knew I could do it all in the end, no matter the little time I had. The problem with this is, even if you know you have the time to complete whatever it is that you must do, it stays on your mind and you’ll be drained of energy because of it. Take the time to do and finish whatever it is that you need to do now, because putting it behind you will ease the stresses from your daily life. Life becomes so much easier once you get the things you need to do out of the way. Whatever time of day where your energy is at its highest, do what you need/must do.

You can apply this mentality to all facets of life. Work, school, family life. Doesn’t matter. A lot of people whine about being in school and having a boring instructor. So what? Having the opportunity to even be in school is something a lot of people would give their lives for. My dad made straight A’s in school but he never had the opportunity to attend college. He was a huge success in his life, because albeit growing up insanely poor, he did what the hell he wanted to do and put in the work needed to do it. So many ungrateful brats bitch about the trivial things they do in their daily lives, in regards to something like going to class. Listen to your instructors and DTFW. The time is going to pass, anyway, so why not be prepared in every endeavor?

This is just something that’s been on my mind the last couple of weeks. It’s a topic that’s been hammered to death elsewhere, but you, me and everybody else will see examples of the above on a daily basis. The same people, when they don’t get what they want, they’ll tab successful people as the “lucky few” or believe that those who’ve risen to the top must have “screwed people over” or have higher levels of intelligence.

That’s all bullshit.

Supernatural levels of intelligence isn’t required, nor is an amazing memory or unworldly talent. Two things are required: 1.) work ethic, and 2.) enthusiasm.

I dare anybody reading this to outwork an enthusiastic son of a bitch. I doubt you will. So be that enthusiastic SOB.

The UFC’s Brilliant Marketing is Screwing Legitimate Fans Over (Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm)

Holly Holm has no business facing Ronda Rousey yet.

The UFC knows this. Hardcore MMA fans know this.

So, why dub the UFC’s plan for January 2nd to feature Ronda Rousey (13-0) vs. Holly Holm (9-0) as “brilliant”?

Casual fans who are entranced by Rousey’s dominance and mainstream appeal will be coaxed in. The UFC will hype this underwhelming-to-hardcore-fans fight up phenomenally. They’ll get Joe Rogan to exaggerate and add to the hype machine by starting off promos talking about Rousey’s dominance, her recent TKO/KO wins over Sara McMann (February 2014), Alexis Davis (July 2014) and Bethe Correia (August 2015) and how advanced her striking is decent only starting the sport just a little over four years ago. They’ll, then, tout Holly Holm’s undefeated MMA record, describe how she is a former 18-time world champion in three weight classes in boxing, how she’ll be “Rousey’s toughest test to date” (bullshit) and question whether Ronda will have the guts to stand and bang with Holm, or if Holm will test “Ronda’s jaw”. Oh boy! Y’know what will happen after the UFC markets this puppy?

Casual fans will flip their lids. “My oh my!”, they’ll say. “Can Ronda beat another undefeated fighter!? She’s dominant!”

Money, money, money for the UFC. Publicity out the ass. Rousey, outside of Conor McGregor, is currently the UFC’s biggest cash cow. She gets people talking. I’m fine with that. She’s a fantastic role model for girls and young women interested in pursuing mixed martial arts, and that’s great. She appeals to a wide audience because she’s a badass who has a 100% finish rate in her fights.

But Holm has no business standing in the octagon with Rousey. Her accomplishments in boxing is irrelevant. As for her record in MMA, she has a 28% striking accuracy as well as a low strike defense. She’s merely fought twice in the UFC. In February, she defeated Raquel Pennington by split decision (that could’ve went either way) in an insanely underwhelming debut. (Jitters to blame?) She then fought Marion Reneau last month; she looked better, but at the same time she didn’t impress. Now she’s earning a title shot based purely on her boxing record and the fact that she’s an undefeated challenger to Rousey.

Here’s the kicker: she has no ground game whatsoever. Sure, Holm has showed that she’s proficient at keeping the distance and some range between her and opponents, but Ronda will close that distance, toss her 18-time boxing champion ass to the mat and take her arm.

Hey UFC, do whatever it takes to make Cyborg Justino vs. Rousey happen. Please. I have no doubt in my mind that Rousey can and will defeat Cyborg, but it’s the fight any and every fan wants to see.

The UFC Will Do Everything They Can to Protect Conor McGregor From Frankie Edgar

Frankie Edgar is set to be ready to fight in December, and says he’ll be good to go as a replacement in the much anticipated Jose Aldo/Conor McGregor fight if need be, but he’s going to accept a fight no matter.

As much as I hate to admit this, if McGregor defeats Aldo for the featherweight title (which I suspect he will), I reckon the UFC will do whatever they can to obstruct a McGregor/Edgar fight.

We saw how McGregor would deal with a wrestler when he fought Chad Mendes last month at UFC 189. To be fair, McGregor wasn’t even training for a wrestler-based fighter (and yeah, yaddee-yaddee-yah, Mendes didn’t have a full camp) and had injured one of his knees in the leadup to the fight, but despite McGregor TKO’ing Mendes in the second round, Mendes didn’t struggle all too much keeping McGregor on the mat.

Here’s the kicker, in comparison of Chad Mendes to Frankie Edgar — Edgar pushes the pace and is more active on the ground. Mendes may be more technically sound and methodical than Edgar, but Edgar is so quick, fast and rapidly reacts to changing position, and I feel that would be the difference maker in an Edgar/McGregor bout.

I’d definitely like to see McGregor — in the future — work on improving his wrestling. I have no idea (and neither does any MMA fan) how his BJJ is.

McGregor caught Mendes in the opening of their fight with a body shot that obviously gassed Mendes. You could see Mendes try to pace himself and take deep breaths, to no avail. McGregor’s striking is devastating, and that’s why he’s my favorite fighter to watch (asides from Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald) right now; his footwork and striking precision is on another level compared to other featherweights. The potential downfalls for him will be a Frankie Edgar or leg kicks from hell served up by one Jose Aldo, Jr.

Are San Diego Chargers Fans Jaded?

Philip Rivers inked a pretty kickass deal the other day (4-years, $84 million with $65 million guaranteed).

Yet the reaction of some Chargers fans (I know a few doesn’t represent the entire fanbase, so forgive me) among other NFL fans were lackluster. They complained about how he hasn’t brought the franchise anything yet.

Yep, we live in a “what have you done for me lately?” world, for sure, especially in pro sports (I’m used to MMA fans having that kind of underwhelming mentality, too). I could dig up stats that’ll show Rivers in the top 3-4 (quarterbacks-wise) of this, that or the other statistic, or bring up how he continues to rack up 4,000 yard passing seasons, but that’ll be a waste of time. I simply remember how he had that “minor” ACL tear during the 2007 postseason and still played, undauntedly, against the Colts in the AFC semi-final of the playoffs that year before losing to the perfect-at-the-time Patsies in the AFC title game.

I reckon I’m pretty used to witnessing bad quarterback play in recent history as a Rams fan (or only seeing brief windows of it in short bursts of ‘good’ play because of injuries cutting those times short).

The Chargers have had pretty garbage teams as of late, and I wonder how they would’ve fared without Rivers at quarterback? I’ve always thought Marty Schottenheimer was a damn good coach, despite his playoff failures, and he got axed a little prematurely (albeit he and A.J. Smith had beef), and instead of finding a real head coach, the Chargers acquired Norv Turner (despite perennial success as an offensive coordinator, I think he’s one of the worst head coaches of all-time) and they kept his sorry self for far too long. Perhaps Rivers’ lack of success in regards to the Chargers’ team as a whole may be due to those circumstances.

To say he doesn’t deserve the aforementioned contract, though, why not, I ask of any detractors?

Who would they replace him with?

Top level NFL quarterbacks don’t fall out of trees, or else franchises like the Cleveland Browns wouldn’t have been screwing up for so long.