I mean, they have defeated the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos this year (last week, they destroyed the Broncos, to be arrogantly honest about the whole damn shebang).

About three weeks ago, the St. Louis Rams bent the San Francisco 49ers over and had their way with ‘em, sacking Colon Crappershit (I mean Colin Kaepernick) eight times.

Oh, what could’ve been in 2014… the Rams blew games to the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals, as well as fucked up a comeback bid against the Philadelphia Eagles.

There’s always next year…” is my usual mantra.

In the meantime, they are the interim Super Bowl XLVIII champions. Deal with it.

(I say the main card, as I didn’t watch the preliminary bouts.)

I took my girlfriend to this past Saturday night’s UFC 180 — her first UFC — and the card didn’t disappoint. All five fights ended in finishes, and the first four ended in the first round. While I’ve spent the last three months indoctrinating her into the sport, the last thing I wanted her to witness was a barrage of three round, judges’ decision-deciding wrestlefest. We got the opposite — three submission victories and two striking finishes (the latter of which was included in the main event).

Fabricio Werdum and Mark Hunt was a fun, quick fight. I’m not sure anybody expected that one to go the distance. Seven minutes in, Hunt had knocke Werdum down twice, but as anybody who watches MMA knows, it’s a combat sport of gratuity and spontaneity. Werdum dropped Hunt with a flying knee and finished him with strikes on the ground, being crowned the new interim heavyweight champion, as we all await the potential title unification bout with Cain Velasquez. Props to Mark Hunt for taking this fight on short notice and putting on a solid performance before his unfortunate ending.

I’m proud of Kelvin Gastelum. He has remained undefeated, and he did so on Saturday night by outclassing veteran Jake Ellenberger, finishing him with a rear naked choke, as he continues his gradual rise into the upper echelons of the UFC’s Welterweight division.

By the way, this is amusing as hell. I was at Books-A-Million, just chilling out, and spotted the UFC: The Official Magazine and saw none other than Nick Jonas on the cover. What in the hell? Well played, UFC, well played. What a joke.

nick jonas ufc magazine

The Cleveland Cavaliers are 1-3 right now, with LeBron James back and teaming up with Kyrie Irving, a Cav that’s been around since 2011, and Kevin Love, a fellow new teammate and Cavalier.

They’ll get it together. Just like the Xbox One video game console has.

Last year, when the Xbox One dropped, it was receiving so much negative press, for a variety reasons. From reversing the DRM policies, to the $500 price point to the kinect being mandatorily included (hence the $500 price point).

A year later, and the Xbox One and has delivered monthly updates since launch and is rocking in the exclusive games department with Sunset Overdrive, Forza Horizon 2, D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Lie ($15), Titanfall (for $25 bucks, digitally, on the Xbox Live marketplace) and now, the best value out there on the gaming market: the Halo: Master Chief Collection.*

My point is, with this equivalence is that things take time to develop.

By February or March, the Cavaliers will likely be at the top of the Eastern Conference. The teams that have beat them so far this season will be toiling around in the latter half of their conference playoff seeds or in the abyss of their said conference.

Patience, young padawans.

chris weidman braziliansI generally consider Chris Weidman to have the charisma of a cardboard box, but that was gold. Pure gold.

He defeated the greatest mixed martial artist of all-time — Anderson Silva — twice in 2013 and beat Lyoto Machida by way of a unanimous decision victory in July, and now he’ll be taking on Vitor Belfort at UFC 184 on February 28, 2015.

The level of hate Weidman gets amuses me. It amuses me, because I don’t understand it.

Like I said, he has the charisma of a cardboard box, and he’s as clean cut as one can be. Despite his sponsor being “Bad Boy MMA”, he’s a good guy. He doesn’t talk trash (if you think what he wrote, that I showcased in this post, is trash talk, ram your head against concrete, and please, never breed). He just whipped the greatest of all-time’s ass and gave Lyoto Machida a big ol’ hematoma after defeating him four rounds to one.

Now, in February, Weidman will defeat the ailing, TRT-less Vitor Belfort. Book it.

And more hate will flow.

Simply because he’s a dominant American champion that’s whipping the asses of Brazilian legends.

Deal with it.

I’ve been away from playing any EA Sports UFC lately, but every now and again I’ll start it up for a quick fight simulation or a few online bouts with people around the world, and I have to applaud EA Canada for the work they’ve done on the game, because each and every time I boot the game up (downloaded digitally — something I love — on the day it was released) there’s a new update/patch that’s been issued out, fixing kinks on the game. I thought the last patch was going to be the final one that would affect gameplay, but nope, EA Canada continues to tinker and finesse/refine the game oh so well.

Not to mention the consistent addition of fighters to the game, for free, in every patch. This latest update included Hector Lombard, Michael Chiesa and Diego the fuckin’ Nightmare Sanchez!

EA Sports UFC was one of the top 3 reasons I bought an Xbox One, as it was a next-gen exclusive, and I knew — despite my wariness of EA Sports — the game was going to be a must have as a massive MMA aficionado, but after some early aggravations with the game, I can say it’s my favorite sports title out there right now, even above NBA 2K15, which is solid in its own right.

I’d like to hope EA Canada keeps pouring in the updates, because the game is becoming more and more refined.

There’s still some stamina issues that exist, i.e players online going for takedown after takedown and not experiencing much stamina loss, but overall the stamina system has become more fine-tuned, as button mashers reap the repercussions pretty quickly if they don’t block.

Good shit, EA Canada! Thanks!

If you don’t know, then you should know: Jose Aldo is still the UFC Featherweight champion after definitively defeating rival Chad Mendes by unanimous decision (49-46 by all judges) last night at UFC 179 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

jose aldo 179 post conference

MMA, and combat sports overall, can be cruel. Chad Mendes delivered what was probably his greatest performance, knocking Aldo down in the first round and wobbling him with a powerful shot later in the fight, but it wasn’t enough.

Mendes’s biggest fault was that he stopped using his movement and stood directly in front of Aldo. If he could have implemented more footwork into his game, he could have fought vastly better and, dare I say, probably won.

He seemed to ‘start’ and ‘go’ with his flurry of punches in a consistent pattern. Aldo appeared to pick up the rhythm of said pattern over the course of the fight. The most substantial reason Mendes lost the fight was Aldo’s wild defensive brilliance when he was in dire of potentially losing the fight. When Chad rocked Jose with the uppercut and was in the process of following up, Jose drilled Chad with a short right, right behind Chad’s ear, that pretty much turned the fight around.

Frankly, who in the hell knows if that punch is as effective had he not already cleaned Chad’s clock after the first round horn sounded off. This fight was difficult to extrapolate from, for yours truly, based on that first round. I saw it, more or less, as an even bout with both competitors being forced more than a few times to look into the abyss.

ufc179 aldo mendes 2
I’m getting my day started a little late today, so I’m only going to dish out some brief thoughts on the main and the co-main events. Let’s do this.

Phil Davis vs. Glover Teixeira
We haven’t saw Phil Davis fight since he embarrassed himself against Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson back in April. Glover Teixeira is coming off a loss in a title fight where he was picked apart and decimated for five rounds by the light heavyweight king Jon Jones. Davis can wrestle… and that’s about it. I don’t see any signs that suggests Davis can win this fight. Phil will have to win the standup, and that’s not going to happen. Teixeira by unanimous decision.

Chad Mendes vs. Jose Aldo for the UFC Featherweight title
I’ve been looking forward to this rematch for a long time. Ever since Aldo knocked Mendes out with one second left in the first round in their first fight back in January 2012, Mendes has gone on a knockout spree. Aldo has since continued his dominance, and here we are in late 2014 watching these two step into the octagon again.

This is a difficult fight for yours truly to pick. I do believe Mendes has improved greatly. There’s no question about that. His footwork and combination striking are both improved. His overall technique has been refined and is more than it’s ever been. However, he was nowhere close to defeating Aldo the first go-round. Aldo has all the ‘boxes’ marked when the technical facet of MMA comes into play and one can’t just freely pick against those facts. I do have a feeling, however, that sooner or later his late fight complacency will ultimately cost him the title. He tries to coast out the last couple rounds of a fight, and that’s a terrible thing, but I’m not sure Mendes is the man to manipulate that. Jose Aldo by unanimous decision.


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