Get Over Yourself

Stop being so harsh on Cam!

You don’t play professional football, so your opponent doesn’t count!

He’s a passionate guy! What? You want him to be passionate when he wins but not when he loses?

You’re just a hater, man! Stop hatin’!

Go on social media and find comment sections rife with that shit everywhere.

My personal favorite are the , “You don’t play professional football!” crowd. Yeah, and you’ve never been president of the United States, but I bet you spend ample time whining about that. Hypocrites.

Being passionate about winning doesn’t entail being a sore loser. I think handshaking in sports is a phony act, but that doesn’t mean you fail to commend your opponent(s).

Cam Newton mumbled in the post-game conference, had his hoodie on and acted like a 6-year-old child who didn’t get his way at the dinner table after demanding dessert over the vegetables.

Sorry, but he’s a 26-year-old man. He just lost the biggest game of his life — I understand that — but it’s time to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and at least pose as an adult. The NFL is a wreck for hosting both teams’ post-game conferences in the same general area, but that’s not a valid excuse for shitty, childish, sulking, pouty behavior.

Russell Wilson experienced even more extreme heartbreak last season, more-so than Cam did this year, because he threw an interception on what was virtually the last play of the game in a situation that originally spelled out a Seahawks touchdown.

Russell Wilson is a grown man with immense maturity.

Why couldn’t Cam do that?

That’s the standard.

Again, expounding from my last post, Cam will grow from this and get better, but why should he be let off the hook? He makes millions of dollars to play a child’s game, but he’s old enough now to assume adulthood.

Celebrate rarely; grind daily.

Cam Newton Had a Chance to Verify His Emotional Maturity Last Night

I gave Cam Newton the benefit of the doubt all season long. The first few years of his career (2011-most of 2014), he was an immature mess. Head down, sulking, pouty, childish. Then he bloomed this year. I looked past the celebrating and the “dabbing” (I still want to know what the hell that means?). I didn’t care. As far as I was concerned, he deserved the right to celebrate as much as he wanted to, as the Panthers were 17-1 going into Super Bowl 50.


Then the Panthers choked the game away. Graham Gano missed a field goal, their special teams sucked it up, they incurred a horde of penalties and couldn’t beat the Broncos over the top. Denver dared Carolina to pass and they couldn’t get the job done. Dropped balls and inaccuracy.

All week last week, people attempted to tear Cam Newton down, the way he carries himself on the field. I wasn’t one of those people, but I never could blame those who felt that way. Many people would write things such as, “I don’t know what it is, but he rubs me the wrong way”.

Cam had an opportunity to win over a lot of those detractors I’m speaking of. It’s easy to show class‘ when you win, but it’s most impressive when that classy behavior is shown following losses.

He had an enormous opportunity to win over a lot of those detractors, show at least a tiny iota of a modicum of humility and give credit where it was due. Cam didn’t. The dude could have just shrugged off the pain of losing and told the media members he’ll work hard in the offseason to get better. He didn’t even have to directly answer about the fumble (a la Bill Belichick) and keep saying it wasn’t enough to win and he needs to get better.

Cam didn’t.

He acted like a petulant child that didn’t get any dessert. He didn’t have to act like that.

Russell Wilson, who was a member of the defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks from 2014, after failing to win back-to-back Super Bowls last year when he threw an interception on the one-yard-line, took accountability after the game, promised to get better and move forward. Why couldn’t Cam take that route? It’s arguable (I’d even say factual) that Russ Willy and the Shesquawks’ loss from last year was undoubtedly more difficult to swallow than Cameron Newton and the Panthers’ loss last night, but I digress.

Cam Newton will overcome this. He will get better, but he missed a great opportunity here, and that’s a damn shame.

But what do I know? I’m just a jackass with a computer.

Defense STILL Wins Championships

Enough said.

Congratulations to the Denver Broncos on winning Super Bowl 50.

I knew if their defense could get to Cam early (and they did), and the game was close at halftime, that would be it. They created four turnovers and gave the regular season MVP fits. I called the Giants’ improbable win over the 18-0 Patriots eight years ago, and it was because of their pass rush, as well. Those edge rushers are something else.

For me, here’s what it came down to: that Denver defense is legendary… Just watch them…

Cam Newton is, and will never be, half the quarterback Tom Brady is. (Keep in mind this comment is coming from a bigtime detractor of the New England Patsies) That’s not a slight towards Newton… it’s just a fact that he’ll never be Brady. And, in my opinion, regardless of what stats say, that Patriots offense is heads and tails better than this Panthers offense. That Pats offense was mostly manhandled by Denver two weeks ago, and I knew if they could do it to the Pats offense, then they could very well do it to Carolina based on those things. I’m not crazy about what I call “NFL math”, but it applies there, I believe.

I will say that Carolina’s offense missed some opportunities, however. Cam was uncomfortable all night (thanks to Denver’s defense), but there were overthrown passes in the first half that could have made a difference.

“Carolina lost the game,” many will say.

Nope. The Denver Broncos’ defense took that game.

Super Bowl 50 Prediction

Late, but not too late.

Defense wins championships. Does anybody ever emit that phrase anymore?

Carolina is a big favorite, and they should be. They are 15-1 and have showed little signs of weakness. They are hands down the best first half team in pro football, but their second half play has been subpar. I’ve been skeptical of them ever since their narrow win over Indianapolis on Monday Night Football a few months back.

Denver has pulled off a bizarre season. Peyton Manning was shut down for the second half of the season. They relied on their run game. As plenty of NFL analysts have said, this team is much like the 2011 version of the Broncos: a strong running game and a big time defense. And this defense is genuinely big time. In the AFC title game, for the most part they made Tom Brady look anemic.

If (and that’s a big if) Denver’s defense can replicate that performance against Cam Newton, I like their odds, regardless of what the betting lines say. However, the difference is, Newton is the NFL MVP, he’s young, he’s big and he’s mobile. Denver’s offense doesn’t have much firepower at all. They’ve played in close games all year with a grind it out style of football, a huge departure from their 2013 campaign.

The biggest wildcard in this game is Carolina’s ability to rack up first downs. If they produce long drives while Denver’s offense is stalling, it’s going to be a long ass day for that Denver D, and if there’s any veritable truths out there, it is that fatigue makes cowards of us all. It doesn’t matter of how good the Broncos defense is, because if they are chasing Newton and the rest of the Panthers offensive around all day, they are hurt.

I’m mostly interested in whether or not this game is going to be close going into the half. As I’ve noted, Carolina hasn’t been a great second half team all season, so if this game is close at the half, I like Denver’s chanced, but if Carolina has a 10-point lead at halftime, forget that.

These last few days I’ve been leaning on picking Denver. This is because of the media’s reaction to going big on Carolina. I’m still conflicted. This could be a blowout dished out by Carolina, but you never know about these games.

Ah, screw it, I’m going Denver.

Prediction: 20-17 Broncos

Death Wish Coffee — Fiercely Caffeinated, Relentlessly Strong, Undeniably Kickass


I first heard about Death Wish Coffee about a year and a half ago. In August 2014, I finally joined the smartphone craze with a Samsung Galaxy S4 and made an Instagram; one of the first pictures I posted was one of a VPX Bang energy drink (y’know, ’cause if you are on that photocentric app/site, you’ve gotta use it for what it was meant for: either food, drinks or memes).

Of the ‘likes’ it received, one of the users was deathwishcoffee. I checked the name out. Checked out their website. Huh, I thought. World’s strongest coffee? Sounds like a gimmick. I left.

A little while ago, I saw them pop up again. Once again, I took a gander at their site. I still figured they were nothing more than a gimmick. I mean, the logo is of a skull, and one of their biggest selling points is their high caffeine content. Plus, it’s a dark roast. I’m not a dark roast kind of guy, usually, because most dark roasts taste too bitter or burnt to me, not to mention light roasts typically wield a higher caffeine profile. However, Death Wish Coffee uses a mixture of robusta beans and some arabica, I believe (someone correct me if I’m wrong).

So, I looked up reviews. Lots of praise. There are some detractors, but I never saw anyone detest the taste of the coffee. Most of the negative reviews were of people complaining that the coffee wasn’t as strong as advertised. These people are basing their review on that either because, a.) they have a high caffeine tolerance, or b.) they didn’t follow the instructions of two and a half tablespoons per six ounces of water.

But the biggest praise I noticed was for their customer service department. Look, the first thing a business should square away as soon as it can is its customer service. If you have a group of veritable, molecular structured shitheads working for your customer service department, you will lose customers no matter how formidable what you are selling is. The bottom line is, if you genuinely care about your customers, then you will find that they’ll reciprocate that love. “Troy, what’s yurr business experience?!” It’s in my blood, I’d like to hope. I watched my father work his charismatic business acumen when I was growing up. I saw the daily grind, the work ethic, the commitment. All of that. He was the man and knew how to run an f’n business, but I digress.

I bit the bullet and ordered a pound of the original Death Wish Coffee and the Valhalla Java Odinforce Blend (a medium roast inspired by and created for guitarist Zakk Wylde).


It’s no gimmick, folks.

I’m a stimulant junkie. I love caffeine. I love it many forms: coffee, caffeine pills, low to no carb energy drinks, Perky Jerky… I enjoy it. I’d like to assert that I imbibe caffeine responsibly, but I would never suggest the amount I consume for anybody else.

Death Wish Coffee is strong, but it’s just the right amount of strength. And when I say it’s strong, I’m particularly talking about its flavor. It features dark chocolate and cherry undertones (I drink it black, because I’m all about coffee flavored coffee). It’s not a bitter, dark roast like I was terrified of. It’s the smoothest coffee I’ve ever consumed in my entire life. As for the caffeine kick, yes, it packs one. I’m a busy guy. I’m constantly on the grind, embracing the ol’ said grind, trying to stay on top of my day to day life. Yesterday, in particular, was a long and strenuous day. Death Wish Coffee brought me through it. I’m going to be a repeat customer, no doubt about it. I swear by this company.

Sure, I could take my $4 bottle of ProLab caffeine pills that are 200mg a pop and completely rely on those, but I like the ritual of drinking coffee. I like the smell of it as it brews. I like the act of drinking it. The warmth. The taste. I love it. Thanks, Death Wish Coffee.

The price isn’t bad at all. $19.99 for a pound of coffee. Less if you subscribe. If you think that’s expensive, consider what you are spending on your daily Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts trips. A large (er… “venti” at Starbucks) black coffee is close to around $3 bucks (including tax) at both places. After a week, you are already spending more at those establishments than for your Death Wish coffee. Not to mention wasting gas sitting in the drivethru waiting for the smelly, unwashed, devoid-of-antiperspirant hipsters in front of you to finish ordering their double mocha, soy infused, low fat, extra sugar, extra bullshit latte.

Skip the line. Make some Death Wish coffee in your home, which only takes a couple of minutes. If you are pressed for time, wake up earlier.

They are about to boom. They won a contest for small businesses to be featured in an advertisement for Super Bowl 50 thanks to Intuit Quickbooks, so when their ad runs this Sunday evening, you best believe much of their coffee will be on backorder next week.

death wish super bowl

This is the first time I’ve ever promoted a coffee company. I’m not a coffee snob. There’s probably an obscure coffee company out there that creates better (subjective) tasting coffee than Death Wish. However, their customer service may be lacking, they may not feature badass mugs, they could be deficient in other areas. I don’t really care. I’d rather support a quality business whose customer service is the cream of the crop over some shoddy business whose coffee tastes marginally better.

Give Death Wish Coffee a shot if you like good, strong but not bitter coffee. Just be prepared to expend that psychoactive stimulant-induced energy when you brew you a few cups.

Here’s their Super Bowl 50 ad that will be airing this Sunday. Pretty awesome, if you ask me:

Stay caffeinated, my friends.

Voicing Criticism Means You are a “Hater”/Detractor Now?

Anytime there’s an article written or a video featuring someone who’s speaking out, in some form or fashion, no matter how significant or insignificant, they are labelled a “hater” or, as I like to call it, a “detractor”. I’m talking about criticism being dished out, and no, not vitriolic spew but constructive criticism.

Case in point:

That’s Josh Barnett. He’s a heavyweight fighter in the UFC. In 2002, he became the youngest fighter to win the heavyweight title, in which he did so at 24-years-old. He’s had a long and much celebrated career and has travelled the world, fighting in various MMA organizations. In the video above, he’s speaking about Fabricio Werdum pulling out of his UFC 196 bout with opponent Stipe Miocic.

Here’s the kicker: Werdum was originally supposed to fight former heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez in a rematch. Yesterday, it was announced that Velasquez had pulled out of the fight due to an injury (sciatica). Today, Werdum has rescinded his spot in the bout and will not be facing Miocic, who was supposed to step in for Velasquez.

Barnett makes some good points in the video about why Werdum would do such a thing — the Brazilian heavyweight champ is 38-years-old and has displayed the best fighting of his career the last couple of years. Werdum is virtually in his prime, but as Barnett also noted, a loss would deface all of what he’s done and set him back, and at 38 years of age in the fighting game, that would be a tough pill to swallow, not to mention the inevitable loss of money in the future from losing the title and hence fighting in non-title bouts going forward would be substantial.

That kind of opinion is not coming from a “hater”. That’s coming from a well thought out view.

The video was posted on Facebook, and the comments are littered with what you’d expect.

One can find this kind of crap everywhere. If you have an opinion about something that is not positive and you share it, somehow you are a “hater”. Why is this? Why are dissenting opinions immediately dubbed as, “words from a jealous hater”? What happened to conversation? What happened to constructive criticism or debate? Now, if there’s any kind of debate, being the devil’s advocate of the “rah rah” pro group means you are a “hater”. What the hell?

I really need to start following my girlfriend’s sage advice of not reading the comments, but it’s a habit. Sometimes there’s a pearl of wisdom in a crowd full of verbal excrement.

I was met with the same bullshit by hindsight heroes around the world (country?) after the Golden State Warriors defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2015 NBA Finals, because I called the Warriors overrated early on in the season. I admitted to being wrong, but the hindsight heroes from around the web had the fun doings of gloating about me being wrong, and in doing so, denounced yours truly as a “hater”. What?

I Love a Good Comeback Story — Dominick Cruz is the New UFC Bantamweight Champion

I have a tendency to root for people who have been down and out and are on a comeback. I reckon a lot of people feel the same way about those in that situation.

For the unaware, Dominick Cruz brought the WEC bantamweight title over when the UFC and WEC merged in 2010. In early 2012, he tore his ACL. In late 2012, he underwent a second surgery for the same injury. When he was set to make his comeback in 2014, Cruz pulled his groin and, finally, he was stripped of the bantamweight title. He finally returned to the octagon in 2014, but soon after, he tore the ACL in his other knee.

Essentially, in the better half of the last four years Cruz has experienced three torn ACL injuries as well a pulled groin. This past Sunday night, he defeated bantamweight champ TJ Dillashaw, whose fighting style involving almost nonstop movement and masterful footwork that mimicked Cruz’s to a near tee, by split decision at the UFC: Boston event. The fight was shrouded in controversy, because a lot of people thought Dillashaw won the fight, but I disagree.

Dillashaw may have been the aggressor, but just because you are the aggressor in the octagon doesn’t net you a victory or any brownie points. Cruz was consistently bobbing and weaving away from Dillashaw, making the “Snek in da grass” (reference) miss. One of the biggest differences in styles between TJ and Dom is that TJ, when he goes in for strikes, will keep hammering away, but Dom sweeps in for a few strikes and then backs off. I think it’s insane that he was away for so long, what with the injuries he experienced and came back to fight a world class fighter in Dillashaw and won the title back. I think the fight could have gone TJ’s way, sure, but I have no problem with the judges’ decision. Maybe I’m biased, since I love a damn good comeback story.