I haven’t witnessed as much on ESPN, but on the official St. Louis Rams facebook page, there are quite a few people vociferating their disappointment of the St. Louis Rams not keeping Michael Sam.

From the looks of things, I’m not even sure these people are St. Louis Rams fans, even if their display pictures might feature a Rams logo or something Rams related.

For that matter, I don’t even know if they are actual football fans.

Anybody who keeps up with the NFL (ubiquitously and not just their own ‘team’) knows that the Rams are absolutely loaded at defensive end. They are stacked, and at the forefront of it all features the best defensive end in the league (Robert Quinn).

Michael Sam had one game in the preseason where he stood out, and that was when he sacked Johnny Manziel twice. Outside of that, Ethan Westbrooks — who beat Sam out for a roster spot — impressed more.

A lot of the same people I generally referred to above want to point out that 2-sack/Johnny Football game, but they fail to realize that Sam beat out the third string offensive tackle for the Cleveland Browns.

I wish Sam the best in the NFL. I was almost ready to cringe when the Rams released him, because I fully expected an onslaught of ignorant comments being made by outraged, non-football-watching members of the LGBT community, but fortunately that hasn’t been as much of the case (from what I’ve noticed, anyway — I try to stear clear of most comment sections on public internet forums that allow anybody and everybody to write as much stupid, uninformed shit as they please).

I’m positive he’ll find a franchise that’ll give him an opportunity. Maybe the Dallas Cowboys will holler at him, considering their defensive deficiencies.

The TJ Dillashaw vs. Renan Barao rematch, in Sacramento, California (where the Team Alpha Male — the fight camp Dillashaw is a part of — hails) isn’t going to happen tonight.

Before the weigh-ins yesterday, Barao passed out.

Dillashaw will still be fighting, though, and in Barao’s place is Joe Soto, who’s never fought in the UFC but is a former Bellator Bantamweight champion and is on a six fight win streak. I don’t know much about Soto other than that, so I won’t even attempt to write a prediction post for tonight’s event.

This year, the UFC’s witnessed various promising fight cards be ixnayed for either injuries or guys being removed from cards for artificially elevated hormonal levels. UFC 175 was originally supposed to feature Chris Weidman vs. Vitor Belfort; UFC 176 was cancelled because Jose Aldo got hurt; UFC 177 was going to feature Jon Jones vs. Alexander Gustafsson before that fight was moved to 178 (more on that in a moment) and then was going to feature what was aforementioned; UFC 178’s Jones/Gus fight was tossed aside once Gus got injured before Daniel Cormier stepped in to challenge Jones only for Jones to experience an injury that will push that fight back until January, which now renders that card into featuring the flyweight title being on the line.

As a fan, I’m hoping for the best for the events later this year, but I sure as hell am not going to hold my breath in anticipation.

In the 1999 NFL season, a quarterback who’d never been “the man” finally got a shot to be a full time starter. In the next four seasons, he put up gaudy numbers and led his team to winning records.

And, no, people, I’m not talking about Kurt Warner.

I’m referencing Rich Gannon.

Gannon, like Shaun Hill, was a journeyman who got a chance to be a full-time starter at the age of 34. In his first year, he led the Raiders to an 8-8 record while posting very respectable numbers (24 touchdowns, 14 interceptions, 3,840 yards, 86.5 passer rating). In the three years that followed, he led the Raiders to a 33-15 record, including 3 playoff appearances and a Super Bowl visit, as well as an MVP award.

So, yeah… there’s such a thing as a “late bloomer” at quarterback..

Let’s all get behind Shaun “Not Quite Over The” Hill.

By the way, you can’t say that Hill got his shot during his time with the 49ers, because that franchise was experiencing locker room fallout and chaos within the coaching staff back then. The Rams have a respectable foundation on the leadership front and are a team built to win tough games.

And that’s all she wrote.

Punch me.

Punch me.

Maybe 2015.


Probably not.

… I don’t know.

I wanted to concoct a strong, witty title, but in failure to do so I just tossed out the above line and went with it.

Here’s the most likely scenarios of what we’ll see this upcoming season:

– The St. Louis Rams will go 5-11
— The New England Patriots will run the table
— Peyton Manning will have a stellar regular season

All three are probably a lock. At least the Patriots and Manning parts are. The Rams will likely head down that road again, in some kind of fashion, and I’ll — just like other Rams fans — will search for a scapegoat and blame the said scapegoat until next season comes around.

Fuck it. I’ll keep the hope high, though, because it’s one way of getting excited for the NFL season.

By the way, on ESPN radio yesterday, on the Scott Van Pelt & Ryan Russillo show, Darren Woodson was a guest and during their conversation he discussed the Seattle Seahawks. During that segment, Woodson mentioned speaking with Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman, and when probed further about what they spoke of, Woodson indicated they talked about the Rams defense. He said those players mentioned that the Rams’ defense concerned the team, because aside from the shitload of talent Seattle boasts, they don’t scare the Rams’ D, and — in fact — no one scares them. There wasn’t any mention of the 49ers, just the Rams.

That was music to my ears, because all the football media analysts of the world cannot outthink what players feel. It reaffirmed to me what we’ve (Rams fans) been saying since the hiring of Gregg Williams, and what he’ll instill in the attitude of the players will be terrific. That little conversation outshone, for me, the performance of the Rams thus far in the preseason.

The Rams play the Browns tonight. If Michael Sam happens to sack Johnny Manziel, social media as a whole will explode.

I had one of the greatest (the greatest, actually, I’d easily say) weeks of my life last week, so I’m in the best mood I’ve been in, in years, and was too busy to post anything regarding the highly heralded Jon Jones/Daniel Cormier scuffle and ensuing Jon Jones-emitted “death threat” from last Monday. But here’s their little SportsCenter thingymajig:

And the ol’ “death threat”:

Dem dere wolf tickets.

I don’t want to hear Renan Barao’s excuses.

At UFC 173, when he lost the bantamweight title to Team Alpha Male member TJ Dillashaw, he looked dumbfounded when Dillashaw picked him apart for five rounds and TKO’ed him a little over two minutes into the fifth round.

Barao produced a little bit offense in the fight, but not enough to deter Dillashaw from doing virtually anything he wanted to in return. Dillashaw executed his own gameplan perfectly. In all of my time watching MMA, I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a more surprisingly dominant performance by an underdog in a fight, ever.

Dillashaw’s foot movement and mixed bag of punches and kicks helped him control the fight and eventually finish off Barao. Barao’s usual ability to apply pressure and speed the fight up was nonexistent.

The second fight, I have a feeling that it’s going to have a different feel. It obviously will. Both fighters — by then — will have had three months to prepare and make adjustments. My head is leaning towards Barao winning the title back, but that’s only because he had not lost — before May’s UFC 173 — since 2005. Dillashaw neutralized him.

If Dillashaw does the same thing to Barao he did to him in the first fight, it’s over (duh?), but I can’t help but imagine that Barao isn’t going to look as confused and lackadaisical as he did in May. I’ll cover this more when the day of UFC 177 rolls around (August 30th).

I will say this, however: instead of Barao getting a rematch, I wish that Dillashaw would have fought Raphael Assuncao for the title. As I’ve said so many times in the recent past, I’m sick of rematches (albeit the Assuncao fight would’ve been a rematch).


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