The UFC’s Brilliant Marketing is Screwing Legitimate Fans Over (Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm)

Holly Holm has no business facing Ronda Rousey yet.

The UFC knows this. Hardcore MMA fans know this.

So, why dub the UFC’s plan for January 2nd to feature Ronda Rousey (13-0) vs. Holly Holm (9-0) as “brilliant”?

Casual fans who are entranced by Rousey’s dominance and mainstream appeal will be coaxed in. The UFC will hype this underwhelming-to-hardcore-fans fight up phenomenally. They’ll get Joe Rogan to exaggerate and add to the hype machine by starting off promos talking about Rousey’s dominance, her recent TKO/KO wins over Sara McMann (February 2014), Alexis Davis (July 2014) and Bethe Correia (August 2015) and how advanced her striking is decent only starting the sport just a little over four years ago. They’ll, then, tout Holly Holm’s undefeated MMA record, describe how she is a former 18-time world champion in three weight classes in boxing, how she’ll be “Rousey’s toughest test to date” (bullshit) and question whether Ronda will have the guts to stand and bang with Holm, or if Holm will test “Ronda’s jaw”. Oh boy! Y’know what will happen after the UFC markets this puppy?

Casual fans will flip their lids. “My oh my!”, they’ll say. “Can Ronda beat another undefeated fighter!? She’s dominant!”

Money, money, money for the UFC. Publicity out the ass. Rousey, outside of Conor McGregor, is currently the UFC’s biggest cash cow. She gets people talking. I’m fine with that. She’s a fantastic role model for girls and young women interested in pursuing mixed martial arts, and that’s great. She appeals to a wide audience because she’s a badass who has a 100% finish rate in her fights.

But Holm has no business standing in the octagon with Rousey. Her accomplishments in boxing is irrelevant. As for her record in MMA, she has a 28% striking accuracy as well as a low strike defense. She’s merely fought twice in the UFC. In February, she defeated Raquel Pennington by split decision (that could’ve went either way) in an insanely underwhelming debut. (Jitters to blame?) She then fought Marion Reneau last month; she looked better, but at the same time she didn’t impress. Now she’s earning a title shot based purely on her boxing record and the fact that she’s an undefeated challenger to Rousey.

Here’s the kicker: she has no ground game whatsoever. Sure, Holm has showed that she’s proficient at keeping the distance and some range between her and opponents, but Ronda will close that distance, toss her 18-time boxing champion ass to the mat and take her arm.

Hey UFC, do whatever it takes to make Cyborg Justino vs. Rousey happen. Please. I have no doubt in my mind that Rousey can and will defeat Cyborg, but it’s the fight any and every fan wants to see.

The UFC Will Do Everything They Can to Protect Conor McGregor From Frankie Edgar

Frankie Edgar is set to be ready to fight in December, and says he’ll be good to go as a replacement in the much anticipated Jose Aldo/Conor McGregor fight if need be, but he’s going to accept a fight no matter.

As much as I hate to admit this, if McGregor defeats Aldo for the featherweight title (which I suspect he will), I reckon the UFC will do whatever they can to obstruct a McGregor/Edgar fight.

We saw how McGregor would deal with a wrestler when he fought Chad Mendes last month at UFC 189. To be fair, McGregor wasn’t even training for a wrestler-based fighter (and yeah, yaddee-yaddee-yah, Mendes didn’t have a full camp) and had injured one of his knees in the leadup to the fight, but despite McGregor TKO’ing Mendes in the second round, Mendes didn’t struggle all too much keeping McGregor on the mat.

Here’s the kicker, in comparison of Chad Mendes to Frankie Edgar — Edgar pushes the pace and is more active on the ground. Mendes may be more technically sound and methodical than Edgar, but Edgar is so quick, fast and rapidly reacts to changing position, and I feel that would be the difference maker in an Edgar/McGregor bout.

I’d definitely like to see McGregor — in the future — work on improving his wrestling. I have no idea (and neither does any MMA fan) how his BJJ is.

McGregor caught Mendes in the opening of their fight with a body shot that obviously gassed Mendes. You could see Mendes try to pace himself and take deep breaths, to no avail. McGregor’s striking is devastating, and that’s why he’s my favorite fighter to watch (asides from Robbie Lawler and Rory MacDonald) right now; his footwork and striking precision is on another level compared to other featherweights. The potential downfalls for him will be a Frankie Edgar or leg kicks from hell served up by one Jose Aldo, Jr.

Are San Diego Chargers Fans Jaded?

Philip Rivers inked a pretty kickass deal the other day (4-years, $84 million with $65 million guaranteed).

Yet the reaction of some Chargers fans (I know a few doesn’t represent the entire fanbase, so forgive me) among other NFL fans were lackluster. They complained about how he hasn’t brought the franchise anything yet.

Yep, we live in a “what have you done for me lately?” world, for sure, especially in pro sports (I’m used to MMA fans having that kind of underwhelming mentality, too). I could dig up stats that’ll show Rivers in the top 3-4 (quarterbacks-wise) of this, that or the other statistic, or bring up how he continues to rack up 4,000 yard passing seasons, but that’ll be a waste of time. I simply remember how he had that “minor” ACL tear during the 2007 postseason and still played, undauntedly, against the Colts in the AFC semi-final of the playoffs that year before losing to the perfect-at-the-time Patsies in the AFC title game.

I reckon I’m pretty used to witnessing bad quarterback play in recent history as a Rams fan (or only seeing brief windows of it in short bursts of ‘good’ play because of injuries cutting those times short).

The Chargers have had pretty garbage teams as of late, and I wonder how they would’ve fared without Rivers at quarterback? I’ve always thought Marty Schottenheimer was a damn good coach, despite his playoff failures, and he got axed a little prematurely (albeit he and A.J. Smith had beef), and instead of finding a real head coach, the Chargers acquired Norv Turner (despite perennial success as an offensive coordinator, I think he’s one of the worst head coaches of all-time) and they kept his sorry self for far too long. Perhaps Rivers’ lack of success in regards to the Chargers’ team as a whole may be due to those circumstances.

To say he doesn’t deserve the aforementioned contract, though, why not, I ask of any detractors?

Who would they replace him with?

Top level NFL quarterbacks don’t fall out of trees, or else franchises like the Cleveland Browns wouldn’t have been screwing up for so long.

On “Think Big: Make it Happen in Business and Life” by Donald Trump

I don’t give a who-diddly shit about Donald Trump’s political views. I delved into this particular book, “Think Big”, because I figured it’d be nice to look at Trump’s overall mindset behind the massive financial success he’s had in his life. He pulls no punches in this read and mercilessly lays everything out on the table in regards to becoming a success.

The emphasis on passion, working hard, resisting complacency and consistently getting out of your comfort zone are great ideals I can get on board with. I’ve always thought the adage, “work smarter; not harder!” was a saying echoed by lazy people who want to get out of hard work. Why not work smart and hard? This theme is in there, too.

Here’s the kicker: there’s a big chapter on the topic of revenge. Trump is hellbent on the idea that, if somebody screws you over, you should screw them ten times over and get even with them, no matter the cost, because if you don’t exact revenge on somebody that has wronged you, then you are weak! A schmuck! (His words.)

I’m not crazy about that kind of mentality. I’m the type of person that’s pretty damn good at holding a grudge and being bitter about something. I have a great memory and I don’t forget about things. However, getting even with somebody who wronged you “no matter the cost” and “screwing them over just like they screwed you over”? It all sounds like wasted energy to me. If I could redo the years 2010-2013, I would. I wasted so much of my time entrenched in disappointment and anger over somebody I [then] thought the best of (ignorantly) screwing me over in the most callous, cruel way possible. I wanted to see this person reap repercussions for their piece of shit actions. Little did I know, that person has and continues to reap repercussions by way of their own poor choices in life (they took a step back, unsurprisingly, settling for substandard things and people) they likely continue to make.

Don’t take every word as gospel. In the words of Bruce Lee, “Absorb what is useful; discard what is useless”. The chapter on revenge aside, it’s a good read that will either reshape or reinforce your current mindset on life and what it is that you want. This, “The Lombardi Rules”, “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” and “The Magic of Thinking Big” are tremendous reads that I highly recommend. If you find yourself unfocused, they’ll ground you.

Ronda Rousey’s Dominance is Great for the UFC

I saw somebody drop the quip, “Ronda Rousey charging men $70 for a minute of action since UFC 175”.

Ronda won by way of a vicious knockout of Bethe Correia last night. They stood and brawled. Ronda wanted to make a point, as she didn’t even bother tossing Bethe to the canvas (after they clinched once). She stood and banged with a brawler, caught a few shots herself and ensuingly dropped Correia after clipping her in the temple. All in 34 seconds.

Ronda’s drive, passion and heart isn’t something new. I remember watching an interview of her back in 2011, when nobody knew who she was and she was the same person back then that she is now, except in the octagon she continues getting better and better. Her dominance has brought on two types of people: those who show intense adoration for what she brings to the combat sports game or insecure detractors doing everything they can to tear her down.

Yes, the striking from Ronda looked sloppy, as she was all-out brawling, leaving her arms extended forward and not even covering up her face, but what about Bethe’s? Correia was supposed to be a proficit brawler in the 135 lb. women’s division, and she got her ass whipped by somebody with the reputation (pun not intended…) of a fighter with average (or below average) striking abilities. The kicker is that Ronda’s just getting better in that department.

People bitch, cry and whine all the time about top tier athletes getting in trouble and all that jazz, and here we have Rousey who has this Michael Jordan-esque mindset of never being complacent in her craft. It really is something else. I love studying extreme winners and knowing what’s the force behind their drive to do what they do. Unfortunately, a lot of other people seem to only want to tear them down and find flaws. Why do that? Is it projection? Insecurity?

It looks like Miesha Tate will be getting her third crack at Rousey in either December on the Jose Aldo/Conor McGregor card or on January 2nd.

I hope the Cris “Cyborg” Justino/Ronda Rousey fight will eventually happen one day. People jump on Rousey for saying she’d go up to 145 lbs. to fight Gina Carano, since Carano kick-started women’s MMA and was a pioneer, but wouldn’t fight “Cyborg” at that weight. I reckon Ronda should’ve kept her mouth closed about going up to 145 to fight Gina, but because she’s the women’s bantamweight champion, Cyborg should — drug-free — come down to 135 to fight her. However, I’d love to see Rousey go up to 145 and be challenged by the — once again, drug-free — “Cyborg”.

On a bit of an unrelated note, I roll my eyes whenever the UFC hosts a card in Brazil, because the inevitable happens. Whenever a Brazilian fighter loses, the crowd goes dead silent. It’s fucking annoying. “Well, Troy! What do you expect?! Their home fighter has lost!”, you might say. So what, dipshit? When an American fighter loses, you never get that kind of feedback from the jerkoffs in the crowd. Brazilians also love chanting, “Uh vai morrer!”, which translates to, “You will die!”

UFC 190: Ronda Rousey vs. Bethe Correia Predictions

I’m sad to hear about pro wrasslin’ legend “Rowdy” Roddy Piper passing away. His passing has occurred at a bizarre time. Ronda Rousey’s nickname, “Rowdy”, was based off of Roddy Piper (and using the nickname, she was given his blessings), and she’ll be fighting tonight in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil against Bethe Correia for UFC 190.

rouseycorreiaAntonio Rodrigo Nogueira vs. Stefan Struve
Struve has been on a roll of getting knocked out lately. A bad luck streak as of late, especially since passing out before his bout with Matt Mitrione last July. Big Nog is a BJJ black belt. Why is he an underdog? Prediction: Big Nog by submission — round 1.

Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Mauricio “Shogun” Rua
Shogun is one of the fighters that got me hooked to watching MMA. His work in PRIDE was amazing. He’s 1-4 in his last five fights. He hasn’t won consecutive fights in a row since 2009 which — even though the year 2009 feels like yesterday — was six (!) years ago. I think he should consider retirement if he suffers another loss. He just doesn’t have it anymore. It’s crazy to think he’s only 33-years-old, but that’s an old 33, considering the amount of fights he’s been in. Lil’ Nog is older than dirt (physically) and has had injuries run roughshod on him, too. This is tantamount to some kind of retirement home fight. Fuck it! I’m gonna be a Shogun fan until the bitter end. Prediction: Shogun Rua by TKO — round 1.

Ronda Rousey vs. Bethe Correia
Correia is 9-0 and she has shown nothing in her arsenal that will combat Rousey’s judo. She will be taken down and she’ll be punished. Rousey says that she wants to prolong the ‘beating’, but why would you do that in a title fight? Judo toss her to the canvas, take her arm, boom. Prediction: Ronda Rousey by armbar — round 1.

Ronda Rousey on What She Calls, “Do-Nothing Bitches”

The UFC, or somebody, should get into marketing “not a do-nothing bitch” shirts, because those would sell like crazy, I bet. Rousey’s stardom continues to rise, and a lot of her sycophantic fans would eat that up.

It seems that a lot of people achieving extreme greatness and success, like Rousey, harbor this interminable unhappiness derived from their constant need to avenge something, whether it’s detractors from their early life or a wrongdoing (or wrongdoings) by somebody that fucked them over once upon a time and sublimate that lingering anger and bitterness into energy that evolves into success.

Good on Ronda. She’s brought in a ton of women MMA fans (my girlfriend is a fan and even wants to read her book, albeit I sometimes wonder if she’s just a fan of RR’s because I prefer Miesha Tate over Rousey), and I’m glad of that, even if many are merely fans of her. That’s cool. She’s a great role model for young girls.

By the way, the above video kinda gives off the idea on why she despises the octagon girls.

Paige VanZant is on her way to being a huge star in the 115 lb. women’s division, thanks to her physical attractiveness and marketability, but I’m not sure if she has the same “killer instinct” and drive to succeed. She would be in a world of trouble against strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk if they were to fight tomorrow, but I digress.