I watched this past Saturday night’s UFC on Fox 12 with my lifelong best friend/quasi-brother. When we watch UFCs and imbibe, feasting is inevitable, and that night’s choice of greasy food (this goes against everything I’ve written about nutritional science in the past) was good ol’ KFC. (By the way, two 20-piece buckets of chicken totalled out to $68 bucks. Yeah… bullshit price; I’m thinking that, too.)

I meant to write a predictions post yesterday, but the busy day that it was didn’t permit the chance. The main card, on paper, looked like an A+ free TV card. Here’s what I learned from the event:

– Matt Brown and Robbie Lawler should fight on every card. Brown and Lawler stood toe to toe and rocked each other multiple times throughout the fight. I was inebriated at the point that fight came on, but was more than entertained by a fight everybody knew was going to be top notch.

– I’m never eating KFC again.

– I can’t wait till Lawler rematches the UFC’s residential bleating, beta, hypocritical, dense-minded whiner of a bumrat schmuck Johny Hendricks for the welterweight title and soundly knocks him out. As I’ve written often in the past — I dislike Hendricks for a multitude of reasons, most notably because he bitched, whined, cried, moaned and groaned after losing to Georges St.-Pierre last November, only to be guilty, himself, of the same thing he whined about — then — in March of this year.

– Matt Brown is a molecular structured beast. Sure, he didn’t win on Saturday night, but he put himself in elite company by standing toe to toe with the class of the welterweight division.

– Dennis Bermudez clowned Clay Guida. He mauled him in the first round, and in the second round, when Guida begin putting together some shots, Bermudez remembered that he’s a world class grappler and subsequently took Guida to theground and locked in a rear naked choke for the submission victory. I’d love to see Bermudez fight Frankie Edgar next. Make it happen!

Nothing was really learned from the main event fight, other than that Matt Brown showed that he could hang with the elite fighters of the welterweight division, and Robbie Lawler — again — showed that he’s the class of the said division. I’m looking forward to watching Lawler take the title off Johny boy.

I forgot to touch on the Anthony “Rumble” Johnson/Lil’ Nog fight. Rumble defeated him in 44 seconds, and now he has the most finishes in under one minute than anybody in UFC history. Well done. Outside of Nog, he’s defeated Phil Davis since he returned to the UFC three months ago. Depending on what happens, I wouldn’t mind seeing a matchup between Rumble and Alexander Gustafsson. I know Gus is due for a title shot, but he tore his meniscus and now Daniel Cormier is in to fight Jon Jones (which I will write about soon).

It was a pretty damn good Fox card, something that should’ve had the casual fans compelled to watch.

It’s a shame UFC 176 was cancelled.

(Time to be a little controversial) My mind is blown by how many people in America have sheepishly bought into the political correctness that has outright infected this nation. I’m not one to engage in political talk, because I find that it’s useless (a middle ground is rarely ever met in politics, and politicians are genuine scumbags; I once knew of a pseudo-politician hasbeen marine of an adulterer, an archetype of sorts that’s common today, but that’s another topic for a time that will never occur, so I digress).

However, the fact remains: my mind is blown by how there are people in this country that believe words do more harm than criminal behavior.

This is merely anecdotal evidence being presented from/on my behalf, but from a certain ESPN Conversations section, there’s a big debate going on about Donald Sterling. I should have learned my lesson about reading ESPN comments, but I reckon I’ve just been led to the pale of water and forgot to take a drink.

A guy in the aforementioned comment section wrote a post about how there have been all these players in sports who have committed criminal acts but have been welcomed back with open arms, but a senile, 80-year-old man has a private conversation illegally and unlawfully recorded by his black girlfriend. The contents of the conversation are prejudicial and racist, but how are illegally recorded comments from a mentally lost man in his 80s worse than criminal acts?

Think about that for a moment. Take the emotions out of it and all the huffing and puffing, and think.

Everybody has the right to believe what they want as well as the right to dislike anybody they want and for any reason they see fit. It was a conversation held in private. Now, Chris Paul and Doc Rivers, and whoever else of the Los Angeles Clippers, are crying. This is all about a bunch of overpaid, butthurt athletes acting like whiny assholes.

If these players in the Association threatening to boycott, do boycott, the owners should move to sue the players for breach of contract. The players are trying to put themselves above the game and their actions would do more harm than good.

People keep citing “the image of the NBA has been destroyed when a white man who’s the owner of a franchise speaks racially tinged words among a league whose majority of players are black!”

Well, look at the title of this post — Donald Sterling is a racist bigot. That’s confirmed. He’ll be out soon. But the ignorant comments of a senile 80-year-old man are not worse than criminal acts. Who poses more of a danger — a racist 80-year-old man who will soon [likely] be gone from the public eye forever, or player(s) that engage in criminal activities such as drug dealing, rape shootings and/or murder?

This won’t hurt the league’s image in the short term or the long term. Soon enough, Sterling will be ousted and all will be forgotten. Millions aren’t being lost and the league is — honestly — thriving.

But what do I know? I reckon I’m just a privileged white male. Speaking of those privileges, I’m still curious about what they are, exactly… I’ve never actually witnessed ‘em. But people sure do love talking about this supposed “white male privilege”, when all I see or hear from mainstream news outlets anymore is a shithorde of liberals in the guise of whining from the gays and blacks of America and, of course, the other side of the coin, fear mongers and complainers from the right. Enough is enough.

By the way, I have some Italian, Irish, Greek and (a small percentage of) Cherokee Indian roots in my blood. Does the Cherokee Indian bit supply me with the ammunition to weigh in on the Washington Redskins shtick? Heh! Again, I digress, I guess.

Or should I say “the lunacy of one Roger Goodell”? Who makes this stuff up?

In the NFL, players might get four games for PEDs (performance enhancing drugs), but a player that’s a criminal might only get two.

Ray Rice knocked his girlfriend the fuck out.

Read that sentence above a few times. Regardless of whether his girlfriend emotionally refused to press charges or not, he genuinely knocked her… the fuck… out.

And for that, he only gets a two game suspension by the NFL.

roger goodell nfl logic

(Note: I feel like I’m obligated to use the phrase “knocked her the fuck out” because it emphasizes the fact that he, indeed, knocked her the… you know the rest.)

A more fitting suspension would be a year away from the NFL and a 3-fight contract with the UFC during the specified time — since he threw a haymaker on his wife, let’s throw him into the octagon with the likes  of UFC Heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, welterweight contender Robbie Lawler and heavyweight fighter Travis Browne in three separate fights.

I’m only being tongue in cheek, but it’s eye roll-worthy of the NFL to only give him two games.

I reckon Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon has the wrong vice, eh? Stop smokin’ mary jane and start beatin’ women. ‘Merica. NFL!

Also, I guess the real question at the end of the day is, since the NFL finds Rice’s actions to be rather insignificant and benign, which round should I draft Rice in — third or fourth round of my fantasy draft? (Ah, just kidding, I’m not a big fantasy football guy.)

Vitor Belfort was issued a conditional license by the Nevada State Athletic Commission today, and subsequently after the UFC announced that UFC 181, which will take place on December 6th, will feature Belfort challenging Chris Weidman for the Middleweight title.

This is the fight I was looking forward to seeing. In the meantime, Luke Rockhold and Lyoto Machida can tussle, while Jacare Souza and Gegard Mousasi will be fighting on September 5th (they were originally supposed to face each other at 176 before that card was ixnayed). Determine the number one contender following Weidman/Belfort with those two fights.

The thing about Vitor Belfort is that he’s going to provide action no matter where the fight goes. Even at 37 years of age, he’s fast and electric on his feet and his strikes are deadlier than ever, and on the ground, well, he’s a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt. Enough said.

I do think that Chris Weidman will retain his title and continue his dominant streak as the undisputed middleweight champ, but one thing I guarantee is that this fight will end in a finish; a mere decision ending is simply not feasible.

I’m not going to hold my breath while waiting for this card, though, as it remains to be seen what will happen given the — knock on wood — UFC’s recent injury bug that’s been plaguing every fighter, left and right.

There’s also a shithorde of restrictions on this license Belfort was issued by the NSAC, and one of the conditions is that, with every drug test the NSAC enforces him to take, he’ll be paying directly out of his pocket for them. Boom. Now, stay healthy and let’s get this event rolling in December.

Being a St. Louis Rams fan and excitedly readying yourself for yet another NFL season filled to the brim with high hopes and illusions of grandeur is like being in a relationship with a girl for years of your life who leads you on with lifelong promises of faithfulness, honesty, absolute commitment and offspring with [a] specific name(s), and then, without warning, cruelly and callously pulls the wool over your eyes and betrays you in devastating fashion.

You might think I’m being darkly humorous or facetious, but no. That is exactly how it’s like. This team pisses me off with its yearly teasing. But I’ll continue watching (because apparently I’m a damn masochist, which also might explain my affinity for spicy foods and crazy –… I’ll stop right there).

This is different than being a Boston Celtics fan throughout the majority of my life, as I was always coaxed into what to expect — until the glorious season that was 2007-2008 — and I was devoid of any hype or fantasy-derived expectations. The 2001-2002 team made it to the Eastern Conference Finals, but I had no hope in them ever heading to the Finals, because the New Jersey Nets team they faced featured a hungry head coach in Byron Scott, the best point guard in the league at the time (Jason Kidd, who’s, ah, proving himself to be an awfully deceptive dickhead as a man and head coach), an athletic phenom in Richard Jefferson, a solid swingman in Kerry Kittles and a second year beast of a power forward in Kenyon Martin. I was used to mediocrity and cheap teams by that point. And now I’m back to those same expectations these days. But I digress. I promise. I also apologize for turning this into a Celtics rant. Actually, not really.

(Note: if that’s how it’s like, I don’t even want to know how Cleveland Browns and Buffalo Bills fans alike describe their tenure as fans and what it’s like. Good god.)

The Rams’ defense is young and they look ruthless and ready to go. But the offense is hindered by question marks, with Sam Bradford being up front in the litany of questions surrounding how in the hell he’ll play, but it comes down to this: either he’ll step up and prove the detractors and doubters wrong or he’ll underperform and the Rams will inevitably look in a different direction at quarterback.

I’m not too concerned with offensive weapons anymore. Stars are born every year. It’s just a matter of time for someone to step up. I’m more locked in on how the 11-man unit as a whole is going to cohesively mesh and perform like a well oiled machine.

This team has its work cut out for them, yet again, for another season. I’m going to go ahead and allow myself to become hyped up, but only because I want to watch a winning pro football team again so badly. I haven’t watched one since January 2005, and even then that team was 8-8, despite winning a playoff game against a team they ultimately defeated three times in one season (the Seattle “droppin’ balls” Seahawks, which was that particular franchise’s Troy Sparks-dubbed moniker back then).

Again, I’m excited, and the hype is tempting to believe in (speaking of temptations, Oscar Wilde said the best way to deal with them was to “yield to them”, but after delving balls deep into the Rams’ hype train year after year, I’ve done enough yielding and I just want to cut some people off at this point), but the San Francisco 49ers and defending Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks are the class of the NFL, let alone the NFC West, and the Arizona Cardinals are no slouches either.

What’s debilitating to a fan’s hopes is that this Rams team would have probably won the division in 2007-2010 (definitely 2010), but it’s 2014 and the division went from being the butt of all jokes in the aforementioned time frame to being the undisputed best in all of pro football. Damn you, football gods! Damn you!

The shining beacon of light in all of this is that this team is young and has a broad window. They’ll be fun to watch, even if they go 7-9 or 10-6. (Holy hell, I’m pining for the latter. I’m a thirsty fan. The bad news: going 10-6 not being enough in the NFC West.)

conor mcgregor

Y’know, people say that Conor McGregor has no respect for the sport of mixed martial arts, and then they choose to ignore tweets like the above…

Courtesy, of course, to the Tap. Snap. Nap. MMA recap page on Facebook.

Courtesy, of course, to the Tap. Nap. Snap. MMA recap Facebook page.

That’s one of the reasons why I love MMA.

After the trash talk from before the fight (which is usually just to sell the fight) and the fight itself is over, respect is usually always dished out from both sides. No silly bullshit like in other sports.

For the last week I’ve been playing around with this HP Chromebook 14 (which explains all the posts since last Monday). I actually purchased this for my mother, but she’s yet to give up using her old HP Pavillion laptop, which is prone to good ol’ overheating and a battery that kicked the bucket last year. Her hesitation to making the switch is because it’s “something new to learn”, but here’s the kicker: the Chromebook hardly emits any heat, it’s quiet as hell and at the highest settings I’ve been getting 7-8 hours of battery life. That’s insane!

Sure, it’s a Chromebook, and you are not getting all the nooks and crannies that you’d get in a standard laptop, but for somebody like my mother — who only really cares about using Facebook — it’s a genuine must have product. You could also describe this laptop as a “productivity machine” as well, because you can get a lot of writing and research accomplished thanks to its quickness and the lack of distractions. Its 14 inch screen is sizable compared to other Chromebooks, and the island style keyboard feels great (the keys have the texture of a hardcover book). The only downside to the keyboard is the lack of the home, end and delete keys.

At $250, it’s a steal. It runs on the Chrome OS, which is Linux-based. The updates to the machine are automatically installed without the user having to lift a finger. You are always online — no syncing to the router, drops or any waiting for the user account login screen to pop up — when you open the screen, you are on in a flash.

With 2 GB of RAM and a 16 GB drive, I’ve noticed a lot of reviewers of this product have labelled it a “overpriced tablet with a keyboard”. Nonsense. And even if that were a legitimate vociferation (sans the asinine ‘overpriced’ label), so what? I’ve never thought of a tablet to be an efficient device. Couldn’t one simply call a tablet an “overpriced smart phone without the calling and texting”? That’s another topic for another time, though, which I’ll probably never delve into, since this review is basically a stand alone, but I wanted to be as hyperbolic as those dunces are in calling Chromebooks “overpriced tablets with keyboards”. Again, nonsense.

As for myself, I’d never use a Chromebook as a primary computer, but if you are looking for an efficient device that’s internet based, are OK with using Google Docs (which is a pretty awesome program to say the least) to complete and save work to (which saves to the cloud) and understand its limitations, give it a try. At $250 (repeating myself), it’s a damn steal.


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